Sunday, December 22, 2013

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He killed his brother and was condemned to exile. She was born with the sickness and condemned to live as an outcast. Together, they went out from The City.
He went out to die.
She went out to live.
...a timeless love story set in ancient times, an extraordinary passage of escape from THE CITY to set up a new life in a distant land.

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From the start, I rooted for Tirdah, Cain, and their donkey, Gemnae, to survive man and nature. The story abounds with emotional and physical conflict as the author weaves the details of the couple’s falling in love while struggling in a land with different  customs and language. Brown is a gifted writer. Her gentle, honest style and use of words create vivid images that ring true to life—a book hard to put down once you pick it up.
~Linda Payne Smith, editor, Creative Writing Teacher
author Tin Tubs and  Hollyhocks 
Brown proficiently sets the reader in this early era as if she had been there. Her characters come more alive with each page-turning chapter. The Exile of Cain is not only a great work of fiction, but an imaginary visit to what once was.                               
~ Diana Saenger, author Deadline: Romance
A spare yet luminous novel, Maureen Brown's tale of exile, love, and a life rebuilt and reborn is stunning and compelling, one that demands a visceral reader response.
~Susanne Barrett, author Only by Moonlight 
A quiet romance between a man and woman banished from their societiesthe man disgraced, the woman cursed. On their journey into exile, the kindnesses each does for the other builds to a durable footing and an unshakeable bond. Upon picking up this tale, one cannot help but be swept away with Brown’s voice. Her words invariably massage one’s soul.
                      ~ S. B. K. Burns, author Legends of the Goldens:
Book 1: Forbidden Playground
...a startling re-telling of a time that is prehistorya "reality" created from mere shards of knowledge, like an ancient ewer exhumed and life somehow extrapolated from its scant evidence. With uncanny insight, she has shaped these livesreal people whom we learn to know and love and yearn over.
                           ~Judith Dupree, author living with what remains,
Going Home, I Sing America

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